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Title: Healthcare Data Security and Compliance - Expectations of Business Associates
Date: Tuesday, January 29th 2019
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

Educational Webinar:
         Healthcare Data Security and Compliance – Expectations of           Business Associates

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Due to dramatically increased Governmental regulation, Covered Entities and Healthcare Vendors are increasing pressure on their Business Associates to beef up their cyber security and requiring evidence of HIPAA compliance.

Join Cybersecurity expert Jay Harmon, Managing Director of BorderHawk, Information Security & Governance, as he shines a light on what business associates must do to recognize “Chain of Trust” obligations. Explore how business associates develop and implement a risk management program to help ensure the protection of health information.

  • Discover how businesses are identified as Business Associates and understand current Privacy, Security and Breach obligations under the Final Rule. 
  • Review requirements for conducting business with one another along with real-world examples of the implications of ineffective cyber/data security. 
  • Develop methods to communicate commitment to privacy and security of all PHI throughout the Healthcare Chain of Trust. 
  • Discuss relevance of Security Opinions (e.g., SSAE Soc2) or “Certifications” (e.g., HITRUST) and their relationship to Security, Privacy and Compliance. 
  • Discuss an Actionable Plan to Implement a HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management Program.

Hospital Admin staff
James “Jay” Harmon
Managing Director and Co-Founder of BorderHawk
James “Jay” Harmon is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of BorderHawk, a critical infrastructure focused boutique cyber security firm. He has 35+ years in the Business, Operation and Technology Industry, 30+ years in Healthcare, and is a Current/Past Member of HIMSS, ISACA, and HFMA,